The Chargo Group employ 200 permanent and 1 300 seasonal employees from previously disadvantaged groups. Farm workers that are part of the Badiramogo workers Trust, own 45% shares in one of the Chargo production units.

Owner – Chargo Group: Tokka van den Hever
Production Manager:  Dassierant: Hein Theunissen
Production Manager:  Avignon: Pierre van Dyk
Production Manager:  Sonvrucht: Dawid Wandrag
Production Manager:  Zypherfontein: Gavin Christopher

Owner – Theunenbach: Hein Theunissen
Production Manager:  Theunenbach: Jurie Becker

Tokka van den Hever
Pierre van Dyk
Hein Theunissen
Gavin Christopher
Dawid Wandrag
Jurie Becker
• All employees live on the farm
• Permanent employees have all their own two bedroom house
• All accommodation are equipped with solar geysers
• Receive intense, accredited training in both job specific and social development areas
• Recreational areas for social economic development for example:
o Soccer and Netball fields with gear provided
o Crèche for toddlers with trained care-takers
o Hall with DSTV television, pool and soccer tables, darts and a gym for relaxation and religious activities
o Farm Choir

Rekordjaar vir tafeldruiwe

“Vir die eerste keer sedert deregulasie behoort ons meer as 60 miljoen 4,5kg ekwivalent kartonne druiwe te bemark,”

Pitto Kakamas